Home environment

Biological paints and materials for a healthy home environment!

The right materials can contribute to a healthier home. Especially for people suffering from an allergy or those sensitive to chemicals, it is important to be very deliberate in the choice of materials. The right handling and processing of the materials is equally important.

An ever-increasing number of people recollect the coziness and health benefits of ecologic building. Natural paints offer protection for wood, stone, or brick, for both floors and walls. For nearly every coat of paint desired, there is an ecologic solution.

Naturals paints are open for diffusion, emission-free and open-pored and thus create warm and pleasant surfaces for your living environment.

Natural construction and insulating materials generally have more mass than conventional products and possess a high flow resistance, thereby inhibiting risks like moisture. Moreover, the high heat storage capacity of natural insulating materials constitutes an excellent heat barrier in summer and keeps the cold out in winter.

We are happy to cater to your personal wishes and will gladly inform you about the advantages of natural and ecological construction and materials.